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Tuition Information

RateTuitionActivity FeeNew Student
Tuition Rate (9-10)$22,550$600$400
Tuition Rate (Grades 11-12)$22,550$650$400
9th Grade Guaranteed Tuition Rate$24,120$600$400

Tuition and Fees (2017-2018 Academic Year)

The Activity Fee covers specific student activities including membership dues to the Mustang Parent Council (HC's unified parent organization) of $70, and other direct student activities such as class retreats, Commencement, Prom, yearbook, student newspaper, and specific trips for Fine Arts and Athletics. As with most schools, additional costs may be associated with certain programs such as Fine Arts and Athletics. These costs vary by program and may include optional or mandatory fees or both.  Other fees may be charged on a user basis only.

The New Student Fee is a one-time charge, per student, which supports the ongoing mission and campus facilities of Houston Christian.  

Due With Contract
Tuition Deposit of $1,000 (non-refundable) is due with return of the contract.

Payment Options

ACH Direct Debit Payment Method or Credit: When choosing to have payments made by ACH Direct Debit from bank accounts please use the figures below.

All payments made by credit or debit card will be assessed a convenience fee of 2.85%.

RateOne PaymentTwo Payments*Ten Payments**
Regular Tuition Rate Plan (9th & 10th)$22,550.00$11,1613.25$2,390.30
Regular Tuition Plan (11th & 12th)$22,600.00$11,1639.00$2,395.60
9th Grade Guaranteed Tuition Rate$24,120.00$12,421.80$2,556.72

* This option includes a service charge of 3%.
** This option includes a service charge of 6%.

Required Laptop and Calculator

Every new 9th grader or transfer student is required to purchase a laptop computer and calculator from the schoolThe cost of the laptop with software, warranty, damage coverage, and repair service is $2,300 for the 2017 - 2018 academic year.  Pricing for the 2018-2019 academic year will not be available until May 2018 but is not expected to vary significantly.  Students who apply for, and are awarded financial aid may be able to apply a limited amount of the financial aid award toward the cost of the laptop.

For more information on what is included in the bundle and the laptop specifications, please visit the Technology page. Additionally, all students are required to purchase a math calculator through the school.  The cost is ~ $150.


The students are required to buy all textbooks approved and adopted by the school. The cost of textbooks will vary by student from $350-$950 depending on the courses taken by the student and the availability of used textbooks.  Limited online book vouchers may be available for textbook purchases for certain students who apply for and are awarded financial aid.TripsHC offers several national and international trips through it's "Beyond These Walls" program as well as other opportunities.  These trips are optional, and the cost of these trips is not included in tuition.  Class trips and trips connected with educational programs such as Passport to Lead and/or Distinguished Scholars Program, are included in, or significantly subsidized by, tuition and fees.

Distinctive Program Tuition

Students enrolled in either Distinguished Scholars (DSP) or Program for College Readiness (PCR) will be charged an additional tuition.

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