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Program for College Readiness

Questions? Please contact HC Admissions
at 713-580-6020 or

The Program for College Readiness is a specialized program exclusive to Houston Christian High School designed to vigorously support students with mild to moderate diagnosed Learning Disabilities. Each PCR student receives an individualized education plan and has a learning "strategies" class built in to their schedules. PCR students also receive Testing Center privileges for teacher-monitored extended testing time, as needed. The goal of the Program for College Readiness is to make a college preparatory education available to LD students by helping them take charge of their learning, thinking and communication styles. Our goal is for our small LD population to be able to use self-advocacy and other acquired academic skills to propel them in high school, college and beyond.


Learning specialists collaborate regularly with classroom teachers to support the most effective learning environment for PCR students.

Samantha Norwood, Director of PCR 

Fee Schedule

Tier One - 4:1 (Up to four students to one PCR class teacher) - $6,500 per year additional fee

Tier Two - 6:1 (Up to six students to one PCR class teacher) - $5,775 per year additional fee

Tier Three - Maintenance - $3,750 per academic year additional fee

Tier Four - Maintenance - $1,050 per academic year additional fee

If you are interested in PCR and would like to have an interview with PCR staff at the time of your regular HC interview, please indicate this on your application by checking YES to PCR interest. The PCR staff will help decide what level of services your student may need.

We feel strongly that if a student comes to HC in need of accommodations, he/she is likely in need of, and will benefit from, strategy classes.



"Houston Christian was the perfect fit for me to develop as a student and a leader over my four years here. The teachers and students helped foster an environment that promotes fellowship and support. My teachers genuinely cared for me and went the extra mile to help me succeed. My time at Houston Christian has thoroughly prepared me for college while offering the experiences and opportunities I wanted in high school."

Jordan Rapp



"My most memorable experience at HC was being part of the robotics team in its first year. Despite having no prior experience, our team won five awards and advanced to regionals. This experience demonstrated the dedication my fellow students have to their work and the eagerness they have to give their all in everything they do."

Erin Lallinger



"Houston Christian has provided me with so many opportunities to get involved. Through my involvement with Fine Arts over the past four years, I have been able to not only make great memories, but make an amazing group of friends. By being a part of Fine Arts, particularly choir and theatre, I have been able to experience the amazing sense of community HC has to offer."

Marissa Wells

2700 W Sam Houston Parkway N
Houston, TX 77043

P: (713) 580-6000

F: (713) 580-6001

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