Spiritual Life

In Weekly Chapel

Chapel includes various local and outside speakers, outside bands, student testimonials, student led worship and other student led initiatives that are also incorporated into chapel programming from time to time. HC also partners with local youth pastors and other Christian based ministries and organizations and encourage their presence on campus and at chapel.

In the Classroom

The Christian spiritual life is integrated by including prayer in the classroom, applying assignments that include faith based and Christian responses or discussing appropriate correlations to the topic at hand.  An English teacher might include a section on ethics as the class studies The Scarlet Letter, or an economics teacher might assign a project that highlights the effects of micro-finance in developing nations and whether this should be a Christian response. There is room for any student to disagree or question, as the teachers are encouraged to allow for "open inquiry" where students are not penalized for having differing belief backgrounds.

In Extracurricular Activities

Fine Arts, Student Clubs, Volunteerism or Athletics, all seek to perform according to a line in our Alma Mater; "God before us, He will lead us down the path of right". The HC Fight Song says to "Give God the glory, give it your all" and the Mustang Fan Code advises to "Honor the Lord, Cheer the Stangs, Host with Class and Set the Example". 



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