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Posted 01/25/2018 12:17PM

Houston Christian High School students won some valuable keys this semester after the Scholastic Art & Writing competition announced the results of its fall competition.

Seven Houston Christian art students earned a grand total of seven Gold Keys, four Silver Keys, and five Honorable Mentions for their pieces. A Gold Key is the highest award a student can receive at the regional level. Junior Destiny Duan received the one Silver Key and seven Gold Keys, which earned her a spot to compete in the national competition this spring.

The Scholastic competition is produced by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, which works to promote art and writing among students nationwide.

“I’m so proud of all my students who have shown tremendous growth this year. This is what Houston Christian is about -- allowing students to find their passions and fulfill their life-callings.” said art teacher Kara Whiting.


Calie Bell- 2 Honorable Mention Awards 

Sadie Rose Du Vigneaud- 1 Silver Key, 1 Honorable Mention Award 

Anna Lauren Hanhausen- 1 Honorable Mention Award 

Rebekah Brazelton- 1 Honorable Mention Award (

Emma Bradley- 1 Silver Key 

Allie Krell- 1 Silver Key 

Destiny Duan- 7 Gold Keys, 1 Silver Key 

"My most memorable moment at HC was most definitely when we beat East Bernard in football my senior year. That was the moment I experienced the most unity with the team and was the most proud to be a part of the Mustang family. One of the greatest traits I have attained at HC is the fearless courage to step out and be different from the rest of the world. This is key, because I know that people will always look at me differently because of my faith and now, I have the courage to tell them why I love Christ."

Ryland Hennessey



"Houston Christian has given me a community where I  grew and reached my utmost potential. I have grown in my faith, confidence, leadership and character. There is no better place that I can say that can do all of these things."

Courtney King




"When I look back on my time at HC, I can't decide on a specific memory because there are too many. I am so thankful for all my teachers and friends. Some of my greatest memories are in Mr. Lister's classroom. Not only was it where I learned Geometry, but it also became my second home and where I would eat lunch every day with my friends."

Sofia Vazquez

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