Class of 2017 Statistics

137 graduates---largest class of HC grads
1187 SAT avg & 26 ACT avg --- 1 perfect SAT score 1 perfect ACT score
1368 top 10% SAT average (C+M)
7 DSP graduates
3 NMSQT Scholars
3 Commended NMSQT
29% Distinguished AP diplomas (40)
12% Passport to Lead (17 students)
27% Religious affiliated college
37% private universities
31% going out of state as of 5/15/17
16 different states CA to Mass
1 West Point – USMA
1 USNA - Prep School
9% playing college sports      

$7,329,700 in scholarship money - (60 students)

Class of 2016 Statistics

113          graduates
1152        SAT avg   &   26 ACT avg (highest ever)
1413        top 10% SAT average (C+M) and 2189 (C+M+W)
7             DSP graduates
1             NMSQT Scholar
4             Commended (which includes 1 corporate winner)
34%        Distinguished AP diplomas (33)
33%        Religious affiliated college
17           different states CA to NY, FL to WA
39%        private universities
36%        going out of state
2             Service Academies (USMA & USNA)
13%        Passport to Lead (15 students)
18%        playing college sports---most ever (21 students)

      $8,0410,772      in scholarship money --most ever

Karina Arnold '15 - Since graduating from Houston Christian, I have expanded my horizons, literally and figuratively. Since venturing with Dr. Livingston through multiple Globe Trek trips, I caught the travel bug. I joined multiple diversity and Spanish Clubs at OU and continue to travel around the world. I have volunteered in Cambodia with Chandler Dugan '12. We scuba dived and planted coral reef pods to promote marine growth. I am about to spend 6 months studying and traveling through Argentina and Patagonia. Traveling has been the best learning experience and pushes me past my comfort zone. I feel most at home with a backpack in a foreign country, while trying new foods and meeting new people. Houston Christian also introduced me to peers who I look forward to catching up with every time I'm back in Houston. Faculty, staff and my old classmates are always willing to offer support or hang out, a welcoming characteristic I know will last as the years pass. Thank you, HC for my memorable high school experience.

2700 W Sam Houston Parkway N
Houston, TX 77043

P: (713) 580-6000

F: (713) 580-6001

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