Class of 2017 Statistics

137 graduates---largest class of HC grads
1187 SAT avg & 26 ACT avg --- 1 perfect SAT score 1 perfect ACT score
1368 top 10% SAT average (C+M)
7 DSP graduates
3 NMSQT Scholars
3 Commended NMSQT
29% Distinguished AP diplomas (40)
12% Passport to Lead (17 students)
27% Religious affiliated college
37% private universities
31% going out of state as of 5/15/17
16 different states CA to Mass
1 West Point – USMA
1 USNA - Prep School
9% playing college sports      

$7,329,700 in scholarship money - (60 students)

Class of 2016 Statistics

113          graduates
1152        SAT avg   &   26 ACT avg (highest ever)
1413        top 10% SAT average (C+M) and 2189 (C+M+W)
7             DSP graduates
1             NMSQT Scholar
4             Commended (which includes 1 corporate winner)
34%        Distinguished AP diplomas (33)
33%        Religious affiliated college
17           different states CA to NY, FL to WA
39%        private universities
36%        going out of state
2             Service Academies (USMA & USNA)
13%        Passport to Lead (15 students)
18%        playing college sports---most ever (21 students)

      $8,0410,772      in scholarship money --most ever

Lt. Charlie Hasenbank '08, USN - My wife Hailey Thomas ‘09 and I have enjoyed moving around the country as a Navy family. In a five year period, we have lived in San Diego, CA, Norfolk, VA and now Boston, MA. We are both grateful for our time at Houston Christian in which we gained the foundational knowledge required to succeed in college and throughout our careers. The faculty and staff at HC provided the mentorship, knowledge and wisdom that helped establish a learning process that could be applied at the undergraduate and graduate levels of education. Between the three ships, I completed five years as a Surface Warfare Officer. I then transitioned to the Engineering Duty Officer (EDO) community in May of 2017. As an EDO, I will oversee the design, building and maintenance of ships. In conjunction with the EDO community, I am currently stationed in Boston, MA completing a dual masters program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Naval Construction and Mechanical Engineering.

2700 W Sam Houston Parkway N
Houston, TX 77043

P: (713) 580-6000

F: (713) 580-6001

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